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Picnic Society Cordial Concentrate


Picnic Society Cordial Concentrate

Picnic Society has teamed up with southeast Queensland based boutique cordial, soft drink and syrup maker Crows Nest Softdrinks to create a cordial concentrate product perfect for picnickers who value convenience but appreciate the quirky.

These handmade small batch cordial samplers come in 100ml bottles and deliver 4 to 6 shots. They are easy to pack into a picnic basket and will create instant cocktails or mocktails at the picnic destination. 

Six sampler flavours have been chosen to tempt picnickers; however, Picnic Society has stayed away from the ‘usual flavour suspects.

Flavours have been chosen that mix well with gin or vodka or champagne to create a cocktail or that go equally well with bubbly water or juice for delicious mocktails. Either way they will make the perfect addition to a picnic hamper.

The ever-popular Double Sarsaparilla has been added to the range as it is a Queensland favourite and one of Crows Nest Softdrink’s all-time best sellers.

‘We’ve taste tested the entire Crows Nest range and love the flavours, they are not overly sweet and have a delicious after taste - which is the mark of a great handmade cordial or syrup’ founder Carolyn Barker said.




Double Sarsaparilla

Extra Tip: The Strawberry Sampler also makes the most beautiful old fashioned strawberry milk drink. Just add the syrup to a glass of cold milk and put a scoop of ice cream on top. Simple pleasures!