Pom Pom on a Picnic?

by Carolyn Barker November 09, 2019 1 min read

Pom Pom on a Picnic?

We’ve discovered that serious picnickers think ahead about how they style their picnics...and their picnic spots. They theme, primp, prime and have fun playing with friends and food virtually anywhere throughout the great outdoors.

So we are ‘celebrating the picnic celebrators’ with our unique, lovingly hand made Picnic Pom Poms. The idea is simple...mark your picnic spot with colourful, transportable and durable decorations that can be strung on tree branches or hung in a picnic shelter or dangled from an umbrella. Tell your guests to look for the Pom Poms when joining your picnic...or drape them around your outdoor entertaining area for your backyard picnic.

Pom Poms are trending off the charts right now...so they fit right into our lovingly handmade ethos. We’ve created a generous 4 metre length of Pom Poms strung together with cool looking hemp. Our wool Pom Poms graduate in colour from blues to greens to pinks, reds and yellows and feature 19 to 20 Pom Poms on each garland. That means picnic after picnic can be styled in a hero colour by teaming bright serviettes or colourful cocktails...using any one of the dozen different colours in the garland. Now that’s keeping the styling fresh and means lots of use for these tactile danglers.

They are such a fun and quirky addition to a picnic event...and they would make a wonderful Christmas present for the family who has everything...except of course a Picnic Pom Pom garland.

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