Picnic Pom-Pom Garland

Back to Nature Green Tones
Kaleidocope Rainbow Colours

Claim your space wherever you decide to picnic or eat outdoors! Drape over a nearby tree...lay down the middle of your picnic table....hang off a shade structure.

These amazing pom-pom garlands are designed by the Picnic Society and lovingly handmade by Cheryl. 0ur fluffy pom-poms are made from 8 ply yarn and are strung on thick, strong designer string.

Choose from our Kaleidoscope pom-pom featuring rainbow colours or our Back to Nature pom-pom featuring alluring blues and greens. Both are equally popular.

Pom-poms are 4 metres long, arrive already strung with 19 to 20 pom-poms depending on the size of the pom pom on each article. No mass production here...instead bespoke hand made pieces!

Lovingly Handmade.